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I don’t know why, but it seems Fujian is where all innovation in the Chinese tea industry starts. After all, they make 5 of the 6 types of tea, and do it well. They started the wave of fancy black teas with Jin Jun Mei and Keemun Black tea’s origins can be traced to an official who was stationed in Fujian for a time. This tea is clearly a product of some innovation. It’s a black tea, but made from oolong bushes. It has the body of a Fujian black tea like panyang gongfu, but floral notes like it’s nobody’s business. Let me get one thing clear- this tea is ugly. You know, as teas go. The leaf style is uneven- it looks like someone played hacky-sack with the packages. Some of the leaves are wiry and twisted, some not. But really, who cares? The cup is SO GOOD.
aka golden peony

The Ugly Duckling

SKU: 00100104
  • 2.5 oz

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