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This is a higher grade of the ever-humble Keemun black tea. Keemun was one of my first loves, but this tea has definitely fallen out of favor, both in the East and the West. Makers are drifting from the “old standards” (Because who really wants the old standard anyways?) and they can get higher prices with new fancy-looking black teas on the Chinese market. Here is one of those prettier teas. It doesn’t look like a traditional Keemun, but the cup is good with many hallmarks of a great Keemun. I always hated trying to describe Keemun. It is so hard to describe. (obligatory mention of notes of rose and caramel, lacking in bitterness, smooth for a black tea, etc.) But really, it is like a cozy, warm-to-the-touch blanket. It’s a comfort tea. I suppose for many people all teas are comfort teas, after all, it’s a hot beverage, but it’s one that you can keep coming back to and it welcomes you every time.

Raven Coils

SKU: 00100102
1 Pound
  • 3.5 oz

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